Technologies that exist today can handle the most sophisticated communication and networking tasks. Without the right skills or training however, organizations may not realize the full potential of a chosen solution. A powerful tool can be most effective if the people using it have the complete understanding of its features and are comfortable working with it.

With this understanding, ABS India imparts quality, cost-effective training courses designed to help organizations effectively utilize deployed solutions to maximize returns on investments.

Our state-of-the-art training centre with world class facilities delivers impactful and quality training to business partners and to our own employees. With flexible courses designed to cater to the varied needs of learners, we provide hands-on training in a class room environment. These classes are facilitated by product and technology experts with decades of product and teaching experience.

We are renowned for the advanced OEM training we conduct in house. For advanced training, we have tied up with OEMs such as Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Nice, Aruba, and Genesys.

Venue Details

We have a fully equipped, 1000 sq ft training facility where participants can gain from excellent hands-on experience to supplement the formal classroom sessions. Besides housing world class training infrastructure, class rooms are designed to accommodate 15 participants per class.

Training Courses

A complete list of our exhaustive training programs is available on request. Contact the training Center coordinator: absuniversity@absindia.net for more details.

Some of the courses offered by ABS India Training center

  • Telephony Basics
  • VOIP Basics
  • IP Basics
  • Wireless LAN Fundamentals
  • Alcatel-Lucent Certified Field Expert Omni PCX office
  • Alcatel-Lucent Certified Field Expert Omni PCX Enterprise


All our trainers are certified engineers from the respective OEMs with 5+ years of experience in the fields of data and voice & data communication solutions. They not just impart product centric knowledge but also share their vast experience on the fundamentals of the respective technologies.

End Customer Training Programs

ABS India training center equips customers with the right level of skills and knowledge of products, technologies, and processes to effectively perform their jobs. Highly customizable, these learning programs are aimed at both moderately skilled users and highly skilled administrators. We offer both class room sessions and onsite training that enable participants to learn troubleshooting techniques apart from getting detailed insights into the workings of tools and technologies.