Networking Solutions

Campus Networking

Providing end users with the twin benefits of seamless and secured applications access over the twin vehicles of telephony and video communications requires a robust and highly available network infrastructure (LAN). A properly converged LAN deployment should be protected from unsolicited access and can recover from link and LAN switch failures without disturbing applications in use.

We are vastly experienced in deploying large campus LAN and WAN solutions in multivendor scenarios. Our offer includes comprehensive network system integration of components like Routers, Switches, Servers, Firewall, Storage (SAN / NAS), and Security products.

Wireless LAN - WiFi

Enterprises that want to gain from the productivity benefit of an increasingly mobile workforce require deployment of enterprise wireless solutions for all business applications. Enterprises of all verticals have found the need to deploy wireless LAN (WiFi) as a prime network than simply convenience. BYOD concept is giving bigger challenges to IT Managers to find out-of-the-box solutions to manage IT infrastructure.

At ABS India, our goal is to establish the most secure & optimized mobility solution as the de facto standard for customers of all verticals. In addition, we have built a strong track record of unparalleled customer service by anticipating the needs of customers and deploying new, revolutionary technologies to ensure that our customers have the best resources that the WLAN industry has to offer. Our offering comprises Indoor access points, outdoor access points, Wireless Intrusion Protection systems, Guest access controls, RF management, BYOD solutions etc.

Data centre Solutions

Most enterprises require Data Centre solutions to host business applications and to have business continuity. From the current mainstream and widespread adoption of server virtualization to the more forward-looking opportunities of cloud computing and desktop virtualization, companies are taking necessary steps to deploy a next-generation data centre switching network. We offer comprehensive Data Centre solutions and have a large pool of skilled professionals to understand and deploy these solutions.

GPON - Gigabit Passive Optical Network

GPON is a communications network that uses point-to-multipoint fiber to the premises in which unpowered optical splitters are used to enable a single optical fiber to serve multiple premises. GPON supports triple play service. It provides a full-service solution to solve the bandwidth bottleneck of twisted pair access, and to meet the requirement for high-bandwidth services, such as high definition TV, Internet and voice. ABS India has partnered with industry’s leading OEMs to offer GPON solutions.